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PART 2: Voices from the Deep

The podcast series HATCHET MAN examines the little-known but extraordinary Albanian television series that aired in 1996 and ushered in social chaos and civil war.

In Part Two, the search for the true authors of Hatchet Man take us to Rovena Markaj, a mysterious woman of the woods who marries Albanian filmmaker Seimar Kumbaro. Their coupling leads to the birth of Hatchet Man. Or was it the Snails?  Meanwhile a Bill Clinton monument, a mailman’s VHS tape and a good dog first turn a reporter on to the Hatchet Man show. But there are dark rumors to a sinister cult.

The Shed. “Baby Camel Walk,” and “Moon Eyes on Me.” Approval by artist.

Voyageurs. “Liquid Skulls” and A Mystic.”  CC by 4.0.

John Bartmann. Balkan Gypsy Party.”  CCO 1.0.

Kevin MacLeod. “Miri’s Magic Dance.CC by 3.0.

Fabio Keiner. “Soundscape (6).”  CC by 4.0.

J.S. Bach. “Mass in B Minor.” Public Domain.

KSO Art. “Tender Stones.CC by 4.0.

Turku, Nomads of the Silk Road. “Agri Dagindan Uctum.” CC by 4.0.

Meydan. “Elk.” CC by 4.0.