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The Trumpeteers (opening/closing music). “Little Wooden Church.” Public Domain.

Travis Austin (heard in What a World). “Untitled.” Courtesy of the artist.

Nathan Halverson. (heard in The Bomb Falls). “Untitled.” Courtesy of the artist.

MFP (heard in Truman Segment). “Son Chermin.”  CC0 1.0.

Daniel Birch (heard in War Horse). “Closing My Eyes for a Moment.” Courtesy of the artist.

Loyalty Freak Music (heard in Monsters). “Lag.”  CC0 1.0.

Raw Kinder. “You.” Courtesy of the artist. Written and sung by Renée Annabel Wilson.


Harry Truman. “Radio Report to the Nation.” August 9, 1945.

Thomas Edison advertisement. “I am the Edison Photograph.” Read by Len Spencer in 1888. Advertisement 1906.


A father with dementia, an exhausted war horse, a child’s dream, and a bomb that drops again and again.

It’s the true-story episode.


Bob Paris. Writer, performer, producer.   

Elizabeth Wlodarczak. Reader of credits,  juggler of fire.