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Monplaisir (heard in The Last Time) “Sky 7: Debauched Dance with the Self.” CC0 1.0.

ZitronSound (heard in Shredded Ralstons commercials). “Wild Westerns.” Public Domain.

Monplaisir (heard in Genius of Quotations) “01-44-12.” CC0 1.0.

Marian Circle Drum Brigade (heard in Trump Shoot). “Kitchen.” CC BY 4.0.

Wayne Kinos (heard in Lambs to Slaughter) “Through the Cosmic Dust.” CC BY 4.0.

Jo Normal (heard as closing song). “This is the Edge.” Courtesy of the artist.


Donald Trump’s remarks about shooting someone without losing support from his followers is here, and the old Shredded Ralstons commercial can be found here. Various found sound from Radio Aporee: Jean-Francois Cavro’s recording of a school orchestra rehearsal in Noeux-les-Mines, France, and ping pong playing in Divion, France; Gwen Wolfenbarger’s recording of geese honking in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Kris Limbach’s recording of sheep in Wendel, Germany.


Bogus quotes, badly-treated lambs, the abomination of the Donald and now someone has stolen leftovers from the company fridge.

Don’t worry. We’ve got just the thing for you. Shredded Ralstons. It’s nutritious and delicious and full of that cowboy energy.

You’ll be just fine.


Bob Paris. Writer, performer, producer.

Deke Weaver. Performer.